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  • Server and Colocation

    Everything you need to build 1 server room for your business

    • Engine room’s Area
    • Stable electricity system works 24/7
    • Electricity generator, backup ups for electricity lost
    • Cooling system
    • Fire alarm system
    • Camera system …
    • Comes with external systems on construction costs is the cost of shipping goods, maintenance … Why do you have to spend such large costs for the construction of a computer lab IT?
    • → Co-location solution will save you a lot more for the economy.
    • MTT data center meets all the requirements for electrical, refrigeration, fire and security plan for the lease space for system devices.
    • Comes serviced placement of servers, MTT also for hosting customers with many configuration choices for customers. MTT leased servers in a dedicated server, very high performance in MTT, connected 24/24, is ideal for applications that require bandwidth and continuous connectivity.

    Personal custom server for private purpose

    • Install any application software or operating system that you would need with full control

    Reboot, repair and reinstall server

    The interface of our management allows you to work, from anywhere in the world via a web browser, tasks such as:

    • Turn on, turn off and restart the server 24/24 and 7/7.
    • Installing and reinstalling an OS just in a few clicks.
    • Rescue mode – start in “rescue mode” enables access to disk data.
    • Monitor up to 5 service selected email notification cream.
    • Monitoring traffic in and out of the water.

    Rescue mode, access your data in the event of processing errors

    • While experiencing issues restarting your computer, you can access data via rescue mode. This mode allows you to start all over Gmay a special operating system Linus is intended to help you regain control of case processing errors

    Colocation Price List

     I. Service Descriptions Base – Server
    1. Space of Server Rack 1U / 2U
    2. Standard power for server 400W
    3. Server placed DC – MTT
    4. Domestic bandwidth 1000Mbps
    5. Internet bandwidth 5Mbps
    6. Network Card 100Mbps
    7. IP address 01 IP
    8. Technical support On – phone: 24/7
    9. Remote control Free of charge
    10. Access in/out Data Center 24/7
    11. Server traffic monitor tool Free of charge
     II. Entry & Monthly fee
    1. Entry fee (one – time charge) Free of charge
    2. Monthly fee 1.500.000 VND/month
     III. Advance Services
    1. Upgrade 1Mbps Internet (CIR) 3.000.000 VND/month
    2. Upgrade domestic bandwidth 1Gbps 6.000.000 VND/month
    3. Expend space server more 01U 200.000 VND/ month
    4. Plus more 01 IP address 150.000 VND/ month
    5. Server Administrator 1.000.000 VND/ month
    6. Mail Server Administrator 1.000.000 VND/ month
    7. Data backup – 12G 200.000 VND/ month
     IV. Contract Term & method of payment
    1. Contract term At least 06 months
    2. Method of payment 12 months payment in advance

    Note: All above prices are not included 10% VAT Tax

    Contact Us for advice effectiveness solutions beneficial for your business.

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