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  • Internet Leased Line

    Leased line Internet services: broadband Internet access, high-speed, stable

    • Internet Services leased by MT Telecom is designed to serve businesses that need an Internet connection to access separate, high performance bandwidth connections and international commitments not shared with other subscribers .
    • If the Internet is a resource for business strategy and is a competitive element to your service, Internet leased line is an effective choice

    Why Internet leased line? Because of the advantages of a professional service, high quality

    • Permanent Connection.
    • No time limit on connection and data transfer traffic.
    • International bandwidth is commitment, not shared with other subscribers.
    • Able to upgrade speed international connectivity easy, flexible time.
    • Data security, but thanks to the powerful tools to protect our (firewall, anti-virus, v. .. v..).
    • Stability of service commitment.
    • Stability of service commitment….
    • Can deploy VPN services, Mail / Web server, or program management ERP, SAP, CRM …
    • Technical Support 24/7/365 quickly.

    Ensuring connection options

    Key features

    • Symmetric bandwidth (download = one): from 1Mbit / s to every Gbit / s depending on the needs of customers.
    • Unlimited traffic and number of users.
    • Fixed monthly fee subscription.
    • Fixed IP Address.
    • Committed to quality of service (SLA).
    • Technical assistance quickly in and out of working hours 24/7/365. MTT continuous monitoring service to immediately identify any problems and you will promptly notify the customer.

    Commitment to Quality Service – SLA

    • Service deployment time: within 07 working days (applicable in Ho Chi Minh City area).
    • Commitment to international bandwidth: the bandwidth subscription plan.
    • Commitment latency: less than 1ms when pinging the gateway router MTT.
    • Commitment packet drop rate: <0.1% in MTT gateway router.
    • Commitment line stability.
    • Online time: 99.95%.
    • Time Technical Support: 24x7x365. Troubleshooting time: Available within 30 minutes to troubleshooting and time shall not exceed 4 hours.


    • Contract term: minimum of 12 months and automatically renew for each subsequent year if the customer does not request termination of services.
    • Termination of contract: in writing, three months before the end of the contract.
    • Payment: Every month, prepaid 6 months, 12 months.
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