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  • IT Services

    For nearly 5 years, MTT’s services has advised and guided to the issues business IT needs. From implementation to support, through advice and maintenance, IT engineer our entire support your infrastructure. As a provider of Internet solutions, MTT provides full IT services to customers who desire to have a single contact for all their IT needs. Every one of our actions are derived from analysis and based on the selected filter parameters specific about your needs. We intervene as a truly independent partners. We pay attention to your needs and is measured only selection criteria when choosing our solutions or products for your list.

    MTT IT service include

    • Design, implement, operate internal networks, the Internet, telephone
    • Provide IT part time / full time to operate and manage the enterprise intranet
    • Consulting solutions for telecommunications, information technology, network security
    • IT Helpdesk
    • Provides software, websites…

    Service Options

    • Support for non-contractual allows quickly resolve any demands on you IT (repairs, emergencies, etc.) is not in your contract year.
    • Hourly Contract: This contract type is a perfect solution to complement your maintenance contract, using the time scale at charge rates decreasing over time, for any jerky should arise events or unexpected weight support (new workstation setup, replacing a printer, etc.)
    • Contract Maintenance: When planning a maintenance contract, we specify the nature and amount of assists but necessary. In addition to the annual plan, we provide the service routine monitoring of your IT resources to ensure that your equipment is installed in accordance with your strategy.
    • Service equipment leasing information: MT Telecom service providers to lease and maintain IT equipment such as desktops , laptops , servers, printers, fax… with reasonable cost. Business you will not need to shell out big money for the initial investment that could save the business. In addition to the hiring of MTT computer equipment, you do not need to worry about problems when they occur because we rather have you to maintain and operate the equipment to work properly. In addition, we ‘ll take care of upgrading equipment to cater to your job.

    Customer’s benefit

    • Some unique touch: With the motto “one contact point” We are always ready to serve you , we understand your risk devices , expectations and your goals. These services and our IT solutions cover all the IT services you need. You do not have to call multiple vendors for support. No need to call center CCU. MTT will be the only contacts you.
    • Reduce IT costs: Service “Hiring IT Services” will bring benefits from the support of a team of experienced engineers and qualified, without mobilizing additional resources to invest in job training or create internal costs. With an IT services contract, you will benefit from reduced scale civil charges, charges bill might be expected, the priority of high and consulting services to optimize your business at the best price most.
    • Improving Performance: We ensure that your IT systems are operating at maximum capacity and equipment to be installed by you is consistent and compatible. With an IT services contract , regular monitoring feature will help prevent many potential complications that can cause paralysis. – With a team of experienced engineers in the field of providing IT services, IT services we believe will bring you business solutions for system safety and efficiency in work and savings most costs for your business. Let us take care of the IT systems in your business so that you focus on your business.

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